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It is well known that I had a rough first year of college. I initially started this blog long ago to help me study towards bettering my grades. Well, since then I have switched majors (Microbiology, ftw) and have found myself in a very happy internship.

Regardless, I still find myself trying to come to ease with college in a hurry (two years down, one to go). There isn’t alot of help out there for science majors who struggle to balance everything that is important to them in life. Unfortunately, we have to make a lot of cuts in order to make our dreams come true.

I am having to quit my DnD group of close to two years because I have found that despite my incredible efforts towards garnering an A in my most difficult courses, I still fell short and I think the extra time Saturday evening for review (which I did loyally every Saturday in high school after a day of play and relaxation) is what I really need back.

So, here’s to a new start on education and a restarted blog to go along with it.

What to expect to see:
Lessons on Microbiology, Chemistry and college in general
Tips for the GRE
Tips for Graduate School
Occasional rants

Here’s to a good semester of summer courses!


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