Name: The Alchemist Kitten (also known as Kat and can ionize to Kate-)

Symbol: K (put me in water, just try it…xD)

Weight: 46.78 kg

Properties:  Melting Point–3 C.  Boiling Point–35C.  Density– aprox. 1.03 kg/L, however, will change when in swimsuit.

Safety hazards: Can be highly volatile near the bp.  Not safe for handling under conditions of high stress.

Other Properties:  The Alchemist Kitten is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s in Microbiology.  She is now attending UMBC as a Biological Sciences PhD student with an interest in evolutionary biology, epigenetics, and development.  In particular, she is interested in how life evolved from single cellular organisms to multicellular organisms.  She hopes to continue this blog as a teaching mechanism in order to reach all of her students.

This blog was created as a way for her to discuss topics in science, continue to write creatively, as well as teach lessons on subjects in Microbiology, Biology and her other passion, Chemistry.  She hopes that some student will stumble upon this site and find more clarity in a subject that turns a lot of young people off.  If there are mistakes–all scientists are prone to this every once in a while–insightful comments are appreciated.

Her greatest influences include Bill Nye the Science Guy, NASA and her friends and family.

Hopefully, this blog updates every week, but, as all scientists are a wee bit crazy, she will do her best to keep an update schedule of weekly until otherwise noted.